What is the SIARB?

The Research Society of Rock Art of Bolivia (SIARB), was founded in January 1987 in the city of La Paz and has been recognized as a non-profit scientific organization by Supreme Resolution No. 205689 of December 30, 1988. In it Professional archeologists, self-taught researchers and amateurs from Bolivia and other countries participate. It has Statutes and a Code of Ethics for its members. He is founding member of the International Federation of Rock Art Organizations (IFRAO).

Mission: Contribute to the research, documentation, conservation, value and dissemination of rock art sites throughout the country, raising awareness among the population about the value of rock art; promoting the empowerment of native communities and municipal governments about their cultural heritage and their ability to preserve these sites; supporting the creation of archaeological parks with engravings or cave paintings, administered by local managers in collaboration with experts in the field.

Vision: Consolidate the Rock Art Research Society of Bolivia (SIARB) as the management institution of the rock art heritage of Bolivia, achievement based on the registration, documentation, conservation, study and publication of prehistoric rock paintings and engraving sites and historic Bolivia, as part of the country’s cultural heritage; as well as in the implementation of cultural and tourist projects, creation of new archaeological parks, educational campaigns and specialization programs on rock art and support for researchers and students with a specialized archive and library.

The SIARB Board of Directors is formed by a President, Secretary Gen., Treasurer and Members. It has representatives in different parts of Bolivia (departments of La Paz, Oruro, Potosí, Tarija and Santa Cruz), in Brazil, Peru and Argentina. It also has an Editorial Board with international members.

SIARB members contribute their annual fee (in Bolivia and other South American countries: $ US 20 or Bs 140) which includes the right to participate in meetings and excursions and receive the annual Bulletin. (Bank account: see below)

En marzo de 1999 se inauguraron la oficina, biblioteca y archivo de la SIARB en una casa particular  (Achumani-Pamirpampa Nº 100, La Paz, Tel. 2 – 271 18 09).

In more than 30 years of its existence, the SIARB has contributed considerably to the investigation and protection of South American rock art, thanks to its publications (its annual Bulletin, registered in Latindex, the registration of scientific journals of Latin America, the series Contributions to the Study of South American Rock Art and other thematic publications) and its scientific meetings (9 symposia and 2 international congresses) in which many colleagues from different countries have participated.

We invite you to learn more about our activities and the results of our work in the following sections of this web page: ARTE RUPESTRE DE BOLIVIA – PROJECTS – LIBRARY AND ARCHIVE – PUBLICATIONS – PARKS – EDUCATION – CONGRESSES / SYMPOSIUM.

Awards and recognitions: In 2002, the SIARB received the “Conservation and Preservation Award” from the rock art researchers association ARARA, USA. In 2007, the National Archeology Unit of the Vice Ministry of Culture awarded the SIARB a diploma of recognition for its meritorious work in the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage of rock art. In 2016, the Departmental Autonomous Government of La Paz awarded the SIARB the “cultural-artistic merit” distinction. In 2017, the Municipal Autonomous Government of La Paz conferred on the SIARB the Municipal Award for the effort and perseverance “Emilio Villanueva Peñaranda” to the SIARB. In 2019, Secretary Gen. of the SIARB, Matthias Strecker was decorated by the Autonomous Municipal Government of La Paz for his contributions to the field of rock art with the Tea de la Libertad in the degree of great merit.

For more information, contact: Matthias Strecker, SIARB, Secretary Gen./Editor, Casilla 3091, La Paz, Bolivia, Tel./Fax: + 591-2-2711809, e-mail: siarb@acelerate.com / strecker.siarb@gmail.com

Bank account: Rock Art Research Society of Bolivia (SIARB), Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz, Account No. 4010 432559 (Please inform us of your payment by email.)